By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jul 16 2017

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Category: Europe, Switzerland

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Are they wounded, these stately wood nymphs with their heavy breasts? The red-lined cuts over the full length of their bodies lead one to suspect this is the case. Maybe the god of thunder and lightning has violated them and left his marks.

Dryade, Corsica, France 1996

Corsica, France 1996

Many years ago, during a walk on the island of Corsica, I came across this dead tree and I fantasised about the woman she once might have been. Now I know it was a tree nymph inside whose features showed through at the surface. As a true hamadryade she had died with the tree at the same time. Do you need more proof of the existence of tree nymphs?

Photo of the week: Dryades, Laurent-Dominique Fontana, Triennale de sculpture contemporaine, Bex, Switzerland 2002